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The Word NOX Means "Goddess of the Night" in Greek methodology and it is associated with beauty and power. Based on the myth, Nox is described as a woman with high strength. Even the god Zeus fears her. She roams the world bringing beautiful night across the earth as the gleaming stars.

Nox Anabel is a boutique based the heart of Los Angeles established in 2002. Our ultimate goal is to empower women to be confident about themselves. A modern woman who can express herself in every possible way. As a dress manufacturing and wholesaler, our vision is to help women tell her unforgettable story through our stunning dresses. The goddess vibe can be ambodied by wearing Nox Anabel's gown.

The collection of Nox Anabel ranges from all types of dresses ranging from a cut, design frills, angles to materials used. You can be assured to find the right dress on every special occasion. The designers of the fashion house are updated with the latest styles and trends. Young women of all shapes and sizes will find a sophisticated and elegant gown that will make them feel confident, glamorous and beautiful no matter what the event is.

Nox Anabel

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