Amelia Couture

Amelia Couture - AC6124L


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Company: Amelia Couture
Size Available:  2, & 4
Color(s) Available: Baby Blue|

Size(s) Available to Special Order: 2 - 16
Color(s) Available to Special Order: Baby Blue, & Lilac
(Please call the store to request a special order)

Description: Step into a fairy tale with this enchanting off-the-shoulder corset dress. Vibrant floral lace appliques bloom across the bodice, reminiscent of a secret garden, and cascade down the skirt in a whimsical dance. Each petal shimmers with delicate hues, whispering promises of adventure. The glitter tulle skirt catches the light like stardust, swirling around you with every step. This dress is more than just fabric; it's a portal to a world where dreams come true.


UPC: AC6124L

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